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Jail and Prison Inmate Injury / Death Attorneys

Federal law

Pre-trial detainees and convicted inmates have constitutional rights to receive reasonable medical care. While the former gain the right from the Due Process Clause, and the latter gain the right from the clause prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment, the limits of the right are essentially the same for both categories of prisoners.

The number of situations that can give rise to a failure to provide adequate are as varied as the medical conditions or situations that can occur. A paralyzed inmate may have a claim when she develops decubitis ulcers (“bed sores”). An inmate who is denied prescribed medication can assert a claim for any resulting injury. A prison can be liable for the suicide of an inmate that has manifested suicidal tendencies. Ultimately, when a person is incarcerated against his or her will, the state has the constitutional responsibility to act humanely and provide needed medical care.

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