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Dean Malone, our firm founder, has been riding motorcycles since he was 8 years old. He knows the many risks facing Texas motorcycle riders, both on our streets and highways and when riding off-road.

Motorcycle riders feel at times like they do not receive the same respect as other vehicles on the road. Bike riders are commonly cut off by other vehicles. Anyone who has been riding for a long period of time has also felt the danger when someone tailgates them – so close that the rider would be run over by the truck or car behind if the bike rider had to stop suddenly. This should not be the case. Motorcycle riders have the same rights on public streets and highways as do drivers of cars and trucks.

Injuries to Motorcycle Riders as a Result of Negligent Drivers

There are a number of ways that motorcycle riders can be harmed by the actions of others. The most common is the negligence and inattentiveness of other drivers or riders. People operating vehicles on Texas streets and highways owe a duty to motorcycle riders to act with ordinary care. When they violate this duty and cause injury to or death of a motorcycle rider, they are responsible for appropriate compensation.

Injuries to Motorcycle Riders as a Result of Defective Roads and Highways

Many motorcycle riders are injured each year as a result of unsafe and/or defective roads and highways. An unexpected pothole, or gravel or a slick substance on a roadway, can spell trouble for even experienced riders. Governmental entities, road contractors, and/or truck operators can be liable for injury or death resulting from such conditions.

Injuries to Motorcycle Riders as a Result of Defective Motorcycles and Helmets

Manufacturers of motorcycles and motorcycle safety gear (including helmets) owe duties to motorcycle riders to appropriately design and manufacture their products. They must also provide proper instructions and warnings regarding use of their products. When they fail to do so, and a motorcycle rider is injured, then they might be legally responsible for the injuries.

Injuries to Motorcycle Riders as a Result of Shoddy Mechanical Repairs

Some people choose to work on their own motorcycles, while others take their bikes to a dealer or mechanic for repairs. We trust that a mechanic has sufficient knowledge and training to enable him to perform needed repairs. However, if an improper repair leads to a motorcycle rider being injured or killed, the mechanic and/or his employer might be liable


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