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Defective Tools and/or Improper Use of Tools

Monday, February 22nd, 2010
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I heard the phrase, at a young age, “The right tool for the right job.”  Usually, someone says that in a sarcastic manner, when they are using one tool to do the job of another.  A person might bang a nail into a board with a wrench or a large screwdriver when a hammer is not handy.  While the phrase might be  funny in an injury-free shop or garage, it can have more serious implications when life or limb is at risk.

We should always strive to be safe when working with tools, whether at home or in a shop at work.  However, even when we act safely, defectively-manufactured or improperly maintained tools can cause serious injuries.  Before choosing a certain tool for a specific job, be sure that you are familiar with the tool.  Some tools, such as screwdrivers, might take little more than a quick glance.  Other more complicated tools might require that you read a manual or do a little internet research.  Here are some sites that might aid you in working safely with tools –

OSHA – Hand and Power Tools –

The Hand Tools Institute – Tool Safety

Workshop Safety for Kids –,,20167210,00.html

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