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2 Die in a One-Car Crash Followed by a Hit-and-Run

Result of a serious automobile accident
Result of a serious automobile accident (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At approximately 1:45 am on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017, a deadly one-car crash occurred in Arlington, Texas. A car with two occupants that was traveling east between Park Springs Boulevard and Kelly Elliott Road on Interstate 20 hit a guardrail. The car rolled over numerous times. A man in the vehicle was ejected onto the inside shoulder of the road during the crash. After the car came to a stop, a female got out of it and began running toward the man. A passing vehicle struck the woman and then fled the scene. The man and woman were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Law enforcement officials began a search for the person who struck the woman and fled. They have since reported that an individual with the alleged “hit and run” contacted the police and is cooperating with the investigation. It is unclear whether or not that driver will face charges.

Drivers have a reasonable responsibility to be prepared to deal with unexpected situations when driving. Motorists can have encounters that significantly injure or kill someone and yet be innocent of any wrongdoing. One thing that is in a motorist’s control is the decision to stop at a scene where someone has potentially been injured. This is a duty of all drivers in Texas.

After an injury accident, a legal obligation for Texas drivers is to take reasonable steps to assist injured individuals. This could mean calling for emergency services or contacting local law enforcement. Fleeing the scene of an injury accident can result in legal entanglements and criminal prosecution.

–Guest Contributor