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Two Siblings Die in a 4-Vehicle Crash in Denton, Texas

English: A traffic collision in Boston
English: A traffic collision in Boston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early this month, a four-car crash in Denton, Texas, resulted in two children being killed and another child being hospitalized in critical condition. According to police, the driver of a Ford F-350 pickup truck slammed into the back of a Nissan minivan that was stopped at a red light in a westbound lane. The impact pushed the minivan through the U.S. Highway 380-Mayhill Road intersection and into two other vehicles, a Kia passenger sedan and a Dodge Dakota pickup truck that had been stopped in eastbound lanes. According to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, an 11-year-old girl who was riding in the third row seating of the minivan was killed. The girl’s 8-year-old brother, who was in middle seating along with a younger sibling, also died at the hospital the night of the crash. The 4-year-old was hospitalized at the Dallas Children’s Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

The adults at the front of the minivan and the driver of the Ford pickup suffered minor injuries, but no one else was injured in any of the other vehicles.

The investigation into the fatal car crash is ongoing. Police said witnesses allege that the Ford pickup truck which triggered the fatal crash was traveling at an excessive speed when he rear-ended the van.

Excessive speeding is one of the driving behaviors that qualifies as reckless. According to the Texas Transportation Code, a person who drives recklessly is one who operates a vehicle with wanton or willful disregard for the safety of people or property. Running red lights and weaving in and out of traffic have also been deemed reckless.

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