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Two are Killed in Arlington in a Crash Caused by an Alleged Drunk Driver

English: 190 proof, 95% alcohol content Evercl...
English: 190 proof, 95% alcohol content Everclear. Purchased in Colorado, November 2007. Image taken by me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In early November two people were killed as a result of a collision caused by an alleged drunk driver in Arlington, Texas. Tiara Richard, spokesperson for the Arlington police, said that the alleged drunk driver ran a red light on Matlock Road at the Interstate 20 service road. His car struck another vehicle, which spun around and slammed into a light pole. One of the people in the car was pronounced dead at the scene and a second person was transported to a nearby hospital and died there. Two more people suffered life-threatening injuries and were hospitalized. The alleged drunk driver was also injured in the crash. After he received treatment at a nearby hospital, he was released, booked into the Arlington jail, and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

There has been a decline in alcohol-related traffic fatalities in recent years, but it is still entirely predictable that a certain number of highway fatalities involving alcohol occur during the holiday season every year. There is still such a prevalence of alcohol-related traffic accidents that about 40% of all people in the U.S. will at some point in their lives be involved in a traffic collision which is blamed on alcohol.

The facts about alcohol aren’t complicated. With every alcoholic beverage a person drinks, the likelihood of getting into a crash when driving is increased. Part of the problem is that alcohol slows down a person’s reaction time, yet the impairment isn’t noticed by the individual. A slowed response when driving can mean the difference between avoiding an accident and being responsible for a fatal crash.