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The Designated Doctor and Your Defense Medical Exam

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It is natural to feel anxious about the prospect of enduring an examination by a defense doctor in your Dallas personal injury claim. You may feel a bit annoyed, as well. The best thing you can do to help your claim, however, is to remain calm and polite, and, in particular, remain alert.

Make a point of remembering the name of the doctor you have been scheduled to see. If, upon arriving at the appointment, staff tries to substitute the doctor with another, explain that you can only see the one. The staff probably is not trying to trick you; the doctor you are appointed to see may have had to leave for an emergency. However, the insurer will not accept a substitute, so if you agree to see him you will have to return to undergo the examination all over again later.

Keep in mind that defense medical doctor has been hired to help the insurer find a reason to deny your claim. However, it is highly unlikely he will lie – he would have too much to lose professionally. Try to be calm during your examination. The doctor may become suspicious that you are hiding something if you appear too anxious. If you do feel tense, keep in mind that the truth is on your side.

Simply answer the questions you are asked honestly. Being polite and cooperative will suggest that you are being honest. Of course, you should not cooperate to the extent that you offer more information than was asked.

The questions should pertain to your injuries and treatment. If the defense doctor begins to ask you about the details of your personal injury accident, you should politely decline to answer, explaining that your lawyer has directed you to talk only about your injuries.

Prior to your defense medical exam, you should consult with your personal injury lawyer in order to be fully prepared. If you have not yet secured legal representation, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area call Dean Malone at (214) 670-9989.

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