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Fatal Crash Kills One, Injures Ten

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Sadly, one can never be completely safe from falling victim in an injury accident. Early Sunday morning a devastating crash occurred on Interstate 35W in the Northlake area, leading to one fatality and ten injuries.

The driver of a pickup truck allegedly was headed in the wrong direction when he collided with a van. The impact of the truck pushed the van off the road, at which time the pickup spun and hit a second vehicle, a car. The truck’s passenger, a young female, died before reaching the hospital. The truck’s driver was injured, as were the seven people in the van, and three in the car.

Police were investigating the truck driver. It has not been made public whether he was under the influence. Regardless, each of the injured victims, as well as the family of the deceased, can file damages against him.

If a driver injures or kills someone while under the influence, or in another way acting outside the law, he may face criminal charges, perhaps even manslaughter. And even a person is charged, then later acquitted, this does not preclude civil charges being filed against him. Civil cases are separate from, and do not necessarily depend upon the outcome of, criminal cases.

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