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When the Insurance Company Doubts Your Dallas Personal Injury Claim

It should come as no surprise that insurance companies are in business for themselves. As such, if there is any room for doubt about your personal injury claim’s validity, they will fight your case.

To use a hypothetical situation, a middle-aged man slips and falls in the produce section of a supermarket. He claims severe pain, and the store manager makes a report.

So far this is as generic as a case can get. There is little an insurance company could question at this point. However, the victim, now the plaintiff, goes to a doctor and is prescribed ongoing treatment. He then fails to continue with medical care. This raises a red flag with insurance companies. Essentially, a person is expected to do all he can to heal from an injury. Not going to treatment may look like avoidance in order to gain a high monetary settlement.

If the plaintiff in question avoids doctors altogether so that there is no medical report to document the injury, the insurance company is going to be highly suspicious. Also, if the plaintiff indicates what appears to be exaggerated loss of work time, doubt will be raised.

Finally, if the victim in question does not seek legal assistance, it will appear as though he can’t find anyone to represent what is a frivolous claim.

To summarize, you can help alleviate problems dealing with the insurance company in your personal injury claim if you do all you can to get better, keep records, and have an attorney to take you through the legal intricacies of your case.

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