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Texas Law

he Worker’s compensation scheme effectively bars many suits against employers for work–related injuries (though not for the death of an employee). However, an employer who does not obtain worker’s compensation insurance can be sued for employee injuries in the workplace. Further, even if a suit against an employer is barred as a result of workers’ compensation law, an injured employee might have claims against other responsible parties.  A person injured by defective machinery or equipment might be able to sue the manufacturer or seller of the machinery or equipment.  There might also be valid claims against independent contractors or non-employer companies, if they were involved in the negligence resulting in the workplace injury or death.

Workplace Safety

he Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) seeks to protect the safety and health of U.S. workers.  OSHA sets and enforces work standards and provides training and education.  OSHA employs inspectors, investigators, technically-trained personnel, and standards writers. OSHA has jurisdiction over many occupations.  However, OSHA does not generally have jurisdiction regarding workplace issues for miners, transportation workers, and many public employees.  If workplace standards do not comply with OSHA regulations, and an injury occurs, the failure to comply with standards can assist in showing that a company is liable for the injury.

Legal Representation for Injury at Work

Our law firm is located in Dallas, but we represent people for work-related injury and death beyond the Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas areas. We are willing to review a potential case anywhere in Texas. If you or a family member has been injured at work, contact us for a case evaluation.  Our local telephone number is (214) 670-9989, or you can reach us toll-free at (866) 670-9989. You can also complete the contact form above.  If you would prefer to give more detailed information about your case, and you don’t have time to discuss it by telephone, feel free to complete this form – personal injury case submission form.