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A 30-Year-Old Inmate in Travis County Jail Commits Suicide~Pt.4

DM County Jail

The custodial death report (CDR) simply says that an officer discovered Andres Alberto Villarreal-Salguero hanging in his cell. He was unresponsive during a post-visual. Mr. Villarreal-Salguero was cut down and lifesaving measures began. The attempt was unsuccessful, and he was pronounced deceased. The 30-year-old died in the Travis County Jail in Del Valle, Texas, at 2:21 PM on September 27, 2022.

Bailey County Jail is Cited for Noncompliance in an October 2022 Jail Inspection Report

Rule §273.5~Mental Disabilities/Suicide Prevention Plan. Bailey County Jail was allegedly noncompliant with Rule §273.5(c)(1)~History Check. Each jail shall check each inmate upon intake into the jail against the Texas Health and Human Services Commission CCQ system to determine if the inmate has previously received state mental healthcare or has a known intellectual or developmental disability unless the inmate is being housed as an out of state inmate or a federal inmate on a contractual basis.

  • The inmate Suicide and Medical/Mental/Developmental Impairments screening forms were reviewed and on one occasion an inmate who was booked into the facility on October 4, 2022, did not receive this form as required by minimum standards. This TCJS inspector, Jason Jouett, discovered the discrepancy on the day of inspection, 14 days later. It was determined the inmate had an “exact” match on her CCQ, requiring notification of the magistrate in 12 hours, in accordance with CCP 16.22. It was further determined that the inmate replied “Yes” to the four questions on the form, requiring notification of additional staff to include Supervisor, Magistrate, Mental Health, and Medical.

The goal of providing information on this website is to help Texas inmates who are now or have previously been prisoners in county or municipal jails in the state. Making allegations that entities or persons have been involved in wrongdoing is never an intention.

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