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A San Antonio Police Officer is Suspended for Alleged Misconduct – Allegedly Saying Police “Hate Citizens” and More

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On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, a police officer with the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) began a 46-day suspension for a variety of alleged violations. SAPD Chief William McManus gave the officer the suspension without pay. The reasons for the suspension include turning off his body camera during on-duty house calls, conducting personal business while on duty, and telling a victim of theft that police officers “hate citizens.”

There were four different days in which the specific alleged infractions occurred, for which the officer is suspended. Three of them occurred in early October 2016. First, one alleged infraction was visiting a woman’s apartment for business that was not related to his duties with the SAPD. Secondly, he allegedly turned off his body camera when it was supposed to be on during an on-duty welfare check. Thirdly, he allegedly failed to alert dispatchers when required to.

The officer’s other alleged infraction occurred on January 17. The police officer allegedly told an alleged theft victim that he hates having to deal with people who do not know the law. The alleged victim then commented that it’s no wonder people hate police officers. The officer allegedly responded sharply that it’s no wonder police hate citizens.

The police officer was also ordered by McManus to enroll in a mentorship or counseling program.

McManus has come under fire for perceived leniency with police officers allegedly guilty of misconduct. The 45-day suspension was much more of a punishment than what he usually hands down. For example, in 2014, an officer got a 15-day suspension for an alleged controversial encounter with a teenager. Allegedly, the officer chased down a 16-year-old who displayed an obscene gesture toward him. The officer allegedly engaged in an exchange involving profane language. Lastly, he allegedly grabbed the teen by the head and slammed him to the ground. During this alleged interaction, the officer had turned off his body camera.

An even more disturbing alleged infraction by a police officer occurred in 2016, involving alleged sexual harassment. That officer was given a 25-day suspension.

The reasoning behind the different levels of punishment is unclear, though the length of the latest suspension makes it appear that routinely turning off a body camera may lead to a higher level of discipline.

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