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Are Inmate Deaths in Local Jails Often Preventable?-Pt.7

DM Corridor in County Jail with inmate and deputy

3 Texas Inmates Commit Suicide on 3 Consecutive Days in February 2022 Continued

The following are details about a Texas inmate who died a day after Jared Jon Bell, who used a phone cord to take his own life in Travis County Jail.

Simon Peter Douglas exhibited mental health problems when he went through intake at Harris County Jail at 4:34 AM on February 10, 2022. He lived for only about another three hours, during which time he attempted to commit suicide once. What he did in the single-occupancy cell where he was placed was remove his clothes and attempt to hang himself with them. Detention officers went into his cell and were forced to struggle with Mr. Douglas as they placed handcuffs on him.

Mr. Douglas was then escorted into a padded room. Although he was still handcuffed, he quickly succeeded in taking his own life on the second try. Mr. Douglas rammed his head into objects repeatedly, including the door, walls, and a metal grate on the floor. After he became unresponsive, detention staff removed him from the cell on a stretcher. Mr. Douglas was taken first to the jail’s medical clinic and then was transported by ambulance to Ben Taub Hospital, where a medical doctor pronounced him deceased at 7:21 AM.

The address of the jail where Mr. Douglas died is 700 N. San Jacinto Street, Houston, TX 77002.

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