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Are Inmates in Texas Protected from Medical Neglect?-Pt.8

DM County Jail

A 22-Year-Old Inmate in a County Jail in Texas Dies of Sepsis After Fellow Inmates Begged for Days to Help Him Continued

The last week of the young man’s life was spent lying motionless on the floor of a cell in the Texas jail. He was coughing up blood, wheezing, and pleading with jailers for medical care, but they refused to provide help.

The inmate told jailers he needed medical attention for chest pain, but no medical care was provided. The young man’s cellmate and other inmates, more than a few, tried to get him help. The cellmate says that at least seven times he told the jailers that his cellmate needed medical care.

One man who was incarcerated with the 22-year-old was released from jail three days before the tragic custodial death occurred. He took additional action to try to get the jail to give the young man medical attention. He contacted the man’s mother. He told her that he was very sick, and he was lying on the floor of his cell, incapacitated. For days other inmates had been shouting at the guards saying he needed medical attention. The guards ignored their pleas, he told the distressed mother.

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