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Brazos County, Texas Jail Fails State Inspection

DM County Jail

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) currently lists Brazos County Jail in Texas as a Non-Compliant Jail on the TCJS website. A Notice of Non-Compliance was issued on August 7, 2023. It specifies the minimum jail standards the jail was cited for in a jail inspection report issued on August 4, 2023. TCJS inspectors allege that the Bryan, Texas, jail violated 1 minimum jail standard.

The address of Brazos County Jail is 1835 Sandy Point Rd, Bryan, TX 77807. The jail has a 1,252-bed capacity. Details on alleged noncompliance follow.

Rule §273.6(3)- Restraints

Brazos County Jail has been cited for violating Rule §273.6(3)-Restraints, which is in the chapter on Health Services, as follows: A documented observation of the inmate shall be conducted every 15 minutes, at a minimum. The observations should include an assessment of the security of the restraints and the circulation to the extremities.

  • During the August 11, 2022, inspection, Brazos County Jail was issued a notice of non-compliance for exceeding the 15-minute observation checks on restraint logs. Brazos County Jail submitted a plan of action on August 16, 2022, stating that a paper check sheet would be used on all restraint chair logs. On August 31, 2022, inspection, Brazos County Jail was placed back in compliance and the deficiency was corrected. However, during this inspection, it was determined that the Brazos County Jail continues to have issues with exceeding the 15-minute observation checks on restraint logs. There were 181 total entries and 4 errors which is an error rate of 2.2%. Additionally, it was discovered that the Brazos County Jail is not following its corrective action plan by conducting paper check restraint logs. Two of the 7 restraint chair logs were not documented on paper check sheets.

Restraint chairs are controversial restraint devices that many U.S. jurisdictions have banned. Studies have revealed that restraint chairs put detainees at potential risk for serious health issues, such as the development of blood clots while held in such inactivity for long periods of time. Failing to observe detainees at required intervals could potentially have devastating results.

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