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Shelby County, Texas Jail – Texas Commission on Jail Standards Inspection

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The Texas Commission on Jail Standards recently determined, after an inspection of the Shelby County, Texas jail, that the jail was not compliant with minimum standards set forth by the TCJS. The Shelby County jail was inspected on January 3, 2019. The TCJS inspector cited the standard requiring every Texas county jail to have an appropriate number of jailers at the facility 24 hours per day. Moreover, the standard requires that each jail must have documented face-to-face observation of inmates no less than once every hour, and at least once every 30 minutes for inmates who are potentially suicidal, mentally ill, and/or who have other certain issues.

The TCJS inspector determined, after conducting the Shelby County jail inspection, that “the inmate worker” had not been conducting the required hourly checks. In fact, the TCJS inspector determined that the jailer was allowed to leave his work assignment several times for up to two-and-one-half hours each day, and engage in alleged illegal activity. We have no personal knowledge as to the truthfulness of such an allegation, but are instead simply providing publicly-available information regarding the TCJS inspection report.

Written By: author image Dean Malone
author image Dean Malone
Dean Malone is the founder of Law Offices of Dean Malone, P.C., a jail neglect civil rights law firm. Mr. Malone earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, graduating summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, and from Baylor University School of Law with a general civil litigation concentration. Mr. Malone served in several staff positions for the Baylor Law Review, including executive editor. Mr. Malone is an experienced trial lawyer, trying a number of cases to jury verdict and also handling arbitrations through final hearing. He heads the jail neglect section of his law firm, in which lawyers litigate cases involving serious injury and death resulting from jail neglect and abuse. Lawyers frequently refer cases to Mr. Malone due to his focus on this very complicated civil rights practice area.