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The Death of Charlton Chrisman in Oklahoma County Jail is Allegedly Not Related to Pepper Ball Injuries Sustained in Altercation with Jailers

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Forty-year-old Charlton Chrisman died following an altercation with jailers at Oklahoma County Jail on April 19, 2017. Two former detention officers at the jail were charged with felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in connection with Chrisman’s death. Initially, it was known that when he went to the hospital after the altercation in the county jail, he went to a hospital and had contusions on his body that were consistent with injuries created by shots from a pepper ball gun. He also allegedly had multiple abrasions and contusions on his nose, cheeks, legs, forehead, and arms. The newest information on the incident is that the medical examiner has declared Chrisman’s cause of death as acute methamphetamine intoxication. The report also says that none of the pepper ball injuries were related to or an underlying cause of his death. New surveillance video was released on December 19, and it shows Chrisman, who was unclothed, running toward the detention officers and being immediately struck with pepper balls, then restrained on the floor. He was taken from the area in a wheelchair approximately 5 minutes later. Chrisman was pronounced dead a short time later at Saint Anthony’s Hospital.

There were two jailers at Oklahoma County Jail associated with the incident that was followed by Chrisman being transported to a hospital. Following the custodial death, both were relieved of any duties involving prisoner contact. On August 8, one of those officers resigned. The other officer was fired on December 14, after criminal charges against him were filed.

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