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Wrongful Death in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Archer County Jail

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Archer County Jail Archer City Texas

Archer County Jail and the Archer County Sheriff’s Office are located at 100 Law Enforcement Way, Archer City, Texas 76351. The phone number is (940) 574-4302.

The jail in Archer County Jail is run by the Sheriff’s Office and has a 48-bed capacity. The jail is required to follow jail standards as provided by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS), and there are routine jail inspections to determine whether jail standards have been violated.

Texas jail standards go into detailed procedures designed to ensure that inmates are not denied any of their constitutional rights. The TCJS website makes information readily available that pertains to some of the commonly violated jail standards in the state, such as instructions on how to complete the form related to suicide, medical, and mental development impairments.

Non-compliance in Texas jails is often related to intake screening. There were three primary goals when the screening form was recently revised:

  • Create an objective suicide risk assessment that includes clear instructions as far as when front-line personnel should notify mental health providers, superiors, and magistrates.
  • Assist sheriff’s in meeting all statute requirements, such as Code of Criminal Procedure §16.22.
  • Ensure that the forms are user-friendly in consideration of the range of experience of jailers in Texas counties.

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