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Wrongful Death in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Atascosa County Jail

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Atascosa County Jail is located at 1108 Campbell Avenue, Jourdanton, Texas 78026; and the phone number is (830) 769-3434. The Atascosa County Sheriff is responsible for running the county jail in accordance with guidelines set and enforced by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS).

A medium to maximum-security facility, Atascosa County Jail houses 138 inmates daily, on average, which is the total number of beds at the jail. The annual number of bookings is about 2,760. Atascosa County Jail houses inmates that have been arrested by municipal police departments in the county.

When inmates have been convicted and sentenced to a year minimum, they are transferred either to the Federal Bureau of Prisons or the Texas State Prison System. Inmates sentenced to less than one year on a misdemeanor conviction serve their time at the county jail.

The inmate population being held at the Atascosa County Jail includes men and women who our either awaiting trial or serving a sentence of one year or less, having been sentenced in the Atascosa County Court System on a misdemeanor conviction.

The inmates held at the County jail are facing charges for a range of offenses, from low-level misdemeanor offenses to violent crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery. Because accused violent offenders are among the inmates, the security level is high at Atascosa County Jail.

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