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Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Johnson County Jail

Johnson County Jail is in Cleburne, Texas 76031 at 1800 Ridgemar Drive. The jail can be contacted at the phone number (817) 556-6000. The inmate capacity at Johnson County Jail is 1,100. The Johnson County Sheriff has the responsibility of handling jail operations, which includes ensuring that the jail is in compliance with minimum standards. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) defines minimum standards and enforces them.

All jails are inspected annually, and any found to have violations receive heightened supervision. The TCJS also receives complaints and uses the data to determine changes that may need to be made in individual jails as well as state-wide. Medical care is always, by far, the most frequent topic of complaints received. The following is information on medical care in connection with the use of restraints.

Medical Care and Restraints

A prisoner’s medical condition must be evaluated before the person can be placed in restraints. The following are among the rules that apply to an inmate who has had their movement restricted using a restraint device:

  • An inmate kept in restraints must be checked on every 15 minutes. At that time, the blood circulation to extremities must be checked as well as the security of the restraints.
  • If an inmate is in a restraint device for two hours, medical care must be provided. The inmate’s vital signs must be checked and the following must be offered:
    • Toilet facilities,
    • Liquids,
    • Nourishment,
    • Exercising extremities, and
    • Changing positions.

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