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Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Palo Pinto County Jail

DM County Jail

Palo Pinto County Jail is in Palo Pinto, Texas 76484 at 420 Cedar Street. The jail can be contacted at the phone number (940) 659-1293. The inmate capacity at Palo Pinto County Jail is 142. The Palo Pinto County Sheriff has charge over the jail and is accountable to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) for maintaining minimum jail standards. Non-compliant jails are placed under increased scrutiny, which includes being subjected to more than the usual one jail inspection per year.


When prisoners demonstrate risky behavior that could cause harm to themselves or others, Palo Pinto County Jail staff can use TCJS-approved restraints. The restraint device used in any given circumstance must be the least restrictive necessary for the situation. Padded restraints are encouraged for use whenever feasible. The following are more of the minimum jail standards which dictate the use of restraints in Texas county jails and city jails:

  • Inmates being kept in restraints must be closely monitored with face-to-face observations every 15 minutes. During these prisoner assessments, circulation to the inmate’s extremities must be checked.
  • For inmates with a physical infirmity, care must be taken to ensure that the manner of restraint does not exacerbate their physical condition.
  • Medical care must be provided to inmates every two hours they are in a restraint. The care must include checking vital signs and offering the inmate access to restroom facilities.

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