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Wrongful Death in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Bexar County Jail

Bexar County Jail, known as the Adult Detention Center Facility, is located at 200 North Comal Street, San Antonio, Texas 78207. The phone number is (210) 335-6219. Bexar County Jail has the capacity to house 2,830 inmates.

Among the duties of the Bexar County Sheriff is the responsibility of running the county jail according to at least the minimum jail standards provided by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS). Jail standards are enforced in all city and county jails in Texas by way of jail inspections. Issues of non-compliance get follow-up visits and can result in disciplinary actions.

On a Bexar County Jail web page, the Mission and Purpose of the facility is stated and includes the following information. Its Mission and Purpose, in part, is to:

  • Provide an environment for inmates in which it is possible for behavior to be corrected if the individual so desires. Part of the focus is to create an environment in which incarcerated individuals are protected from being victimized within the facility.
  • Deliver detention operations and services required for the protection of society, the staff in the building, and the inmates. The proper well-being of detainees will be maintained.
  • Return each offender to society in a physical, mental, and any other type of applicable condition that is no worse than when the prisoner arrived at the detention center.

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