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Wrongful Death in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Bowie County Jail

Bowie County Jail, known as Bowie County Correctional Center, is located at 105 West Front Street, Texarkana, Texas 75501. The phone number is (903) 798-3505. The inmate capacity at Bowie County Jail is 921. The Bowie County Sheriff runs the county jail, and the procedures and guidelines are established and enforced by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS).

Inmate Supervision

At Bowie County Correctional Center, appropriate supervision of inmates is required, as with all city and county jails in Texas. The following are examples of the requirements at Bowie County jail as regards supervision:

  • The facility must have an appropriate number of jailers at all times. The number of inmates at any given time determines what that appropriate number is.
  • The jail must have a set procedure allowing for documentation of required face-to-face observation of all inmates.
  • In the general population, observation of inmates must occur every 60 minutes at most.
  • At-risk inmates must be observed at least every 30 minutes. At-risk inmates are those who are known to be potentially suicidal, assaultive, or mentally ill and those who have displayed bizarre behavior.
  • A capability of maintaining two-way voice communication between inmates on one end and jailers, bailiffs, licensed peace officers, and designated staff on the other is a requirement.
  • Closed-circuit television within jails cannot be used in place of making the mandatory face-to-face personal observations of the inmates.

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