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3 Officers Face up to 50 Years in Prison for the Alleged Beating of a Teen and Cover-up

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English: View of the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds at dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On October 23, 2017, three police officers with the Poloma, California, Police Department were charged by federal prosecutors in connection with the alleged beating of an unarmed teenager in September 2015. The three officers pled not guilty to the criminal charges against them and were released on $50,000 bond. A trial is set for December 19.

A bystander took a video of the incident leading to these recent arrests. The events that night began at the Pomona Fairplex at the Los Angeles County Fair. The teen’s father was being arrested on suspicion of public intoxication. The teen used his phone to video record the arrest, and he stayed 10 to 15 feet behind the officers. One officer told the teen to stop following them but he continued walking behind them.

The bystander’s video shows the teen being grabbed by officers, struck on the knees with a police baton, and thrown to the ground. He was then handcuffed and arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer. The bystander was also arrested and later released without charges, but only after his video was downloaded by the police.

Two of the officers allegedly lied about the incident in police reports and in testimony at the teen’s trial, according to prosecutors. One of the officers is also charged with using excessive force. Another officer allegedly made false statements to the teen’s mother, to dissuade her from filing a complaint. He is charged with lying to agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In a civil lawsuit last year, the teen was awarded $500,000 by the City of Pomona, in connection with the alleged beating.

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