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Texas Jail Abuse Lawyer – Past and Current Mentally Disabled and Suicidal Inmates at a County Jail Bring to Light Alleged Disturbing Behaviors of the Jail Staff and Administration – Part 3

With regard to allegations against the county jail that this story is focused on, the following are among the matters of great concern:

  • Excessive use of solitary confinement,
  • Inhumane use of oleoresin capsicum spray (OC spray) more commonly referred to as pepper spray,
  • Tasing,
  • Inmates being physically assaulted by jail staff, and
  • Improper use of restraint chairs.

Allegations against the county jail also assert that lack of care for mentally ill and/or suicidal inmates begins at intake. Trauma therapy and individual counseling are allegedly not made available to any of the inmates. More specifics about shortcomings in staffing follow:

  • Staffing shortages are severe, including 40% of the total health care staff, with 49 vacancies among health care positions
  • Staff members lack adequate training
  • A full-time psychiatrist was not on staff from February 2020 through August 2020
  • Instead of providing meaningful counseling, members of the health care staff only question the patients routinely, asking whether they want to hurt themselves

With the lack of mental health care, brutal force is allegedly repeatedly used against inmates with mental health issues. Routinely, force is allegedly used when no other alternative has been pursued and in instances where the individual is presenting no risk to self or others. The following are examples of the techniques used by jail staff against mentally disabled and/or suicidal inmates:

  • Stun shields, which transmit an electric shock
  • OC spray
  • Tasers
  • Immobilization in a restraint chair that binds an individual’s arms and legs and is then attached to the floor facing a blank wall
  • Forced nudity

See Part 1, Part 2, and this ongoing series to learn additional specifics on allegations against the county jail from multiple sources.

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