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Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Hunt County Jail

The location of Hunt County Jail is 2801 Stuart Street in Greenville, Texas 75401. The jail can be contacted at the phone number (903) 453-6851. Hunt County Jail’s inmate capacity is 393. Jail operations are handled by the Hunt County Sheriff. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) has the responsibility of establishing and enforcing minimum jail standards in Texas. Hunt County Jail is inspected annually by TCJS, which is a basic procedure for all Texas jails. If a jail has been non-compliant, it is subjected to increased scrutiny and monitoring.

Hunt County Jail Use of Restraints

Inmate rights are supposed to be protected while detainees are incarcerated. In Texas, jails like Hunt County Jail can use restraints as a means to prevent injury to inmates and others. There are strict guidelines in connection with restraints. This is important because being kept in restraints has the potential to be a life-threatening event. The following are examples of guidelines to protect individuals kept in restraints:

  • Inmates kept in restraints must be personally observed every 15 minutes. During these face-to-face checks, the security of the restraints is checked as well as circulation to the inmate’s extremities.
  • Every two hours at most, an inmate being detained in restraints must be provided with medical care. The following are the types of activities that must occur during these medical checks:
    • Offer toilet facilities
    • Offer liquids and nourishment
    • Take vital signs
    • Check for any need for medication
    • Allow the inmate to change positions
    • Allow the inmate to exercise extremities
    • Document everything during the medical check

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