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Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Live Oak County Jail

Live Oak County Jail is in George West, Texas 78022 at 200 Larry R. Busby Drive. The jail can be contacted at the phone numbers (361) 449-8041 and (361) 449-2271. The bed capacity at Live Oak County Jail is 96. The Live Oak County Sheriff’s responsibilities encompass jail operations, including the safekeeping of inmates. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) has the charge of establishing and enforcing Texas jail standards. All jails under the jurisdiction of TCJS are inspected each year. Non-compliant jails are subjected to follow-up inspections and as needed, more stringent disciplinary actions.


In order to minimize the threat of injury to others or self-harm on the part of inmates, jailers at Live Oak County Jail may use restraints. The decision, however, belongs to supervisory staff or medical personnel. In addition, no inmate can be placed in restraints until his or her medical condition is ascertained. The following are among the regulations dictating the use of restraints in Texas jails:

  • Restraints must always be used humanely.
  • Restraints cannot be used as a form of punishment.
  • An inmate must only be restricted to the degree required in order to prevent injurious actions.
  • Medical care must be provided to an inmate who has been in a restraint device for two hours. The following are among the minimum provisions that must be made for the inmate at each two-hour interval:
    • Offer access to toilet facilities
    • Provide liquid and offer nourishment
    • Take vital signs
    • Allow the inmate to exercise his or her extremities
    • Allow the inmate to change positions

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