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Wrongful Death in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Bee County Jail

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Bee County Courthouse

Bee County Jail is located at 1511 E. Toledo Street, Beeville, Texas 78102; and the phone number is (361) 362-3223. Among the Bee County Sheriff’s responsibilities is to run the county jail. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) has established minimum jail standards that all jails in the state are required to uphold. Jail standards are generally enforced via jail inspection.

Bee County Jail has a total bed capacity of 128. As in all Texas jails, each inmate must be provided with health care. Most complaints made against city and county jails in Texas are related to alleged denial of needed medical attention.

Health Care for Inmates

The following are a few of the jail standards with regard to health care for inmates:  

  • Regularly scheduled visits to jails must be made by medical personnel to attend to inmates who are ill;
  • When inmates need mental, medical, and dental services, referrals must be made by the jail staff in request of those services;   
  • Disabled inmates must be provided with necessary convalescent and long-term care;
  • Procedures must be in place for inmates to receive prompt and efficient emergency services when needed for acute medical symptoms;
  • Prescriptions of inmates must be distributed in accordance with the physicians’ written instructions, and the person distributing those prescriptions must be an appropriate individual who has been designated by the Sheriff or a person of authority at the jail; and
  • Adequate patient evacuation equipment and first aid equipment must be on hand at all times.

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Wrongful Death in Jail Lawyer/Attorney in Texas: Bandera County Jail

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Bandera County Jail is located at 3360 State Highway 173 N.,  Bandera, Texas 78003; and the phone number is (830) 796-7759. The Bandera County Sheriff has the duty of running the county jail. Minimum jail standards established by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) are enforced via routine jail inspections.    

Bandera County Jail can house up to 96 inmates. Every inmate in this and any Texas jail has constitutional rights which the jail has a duty to uphold. Health services are among the essential provisions for inmates. When complaints are registered against city and county jails in Texas, the majority are usually related to insufficient medical care. The following are examples of the types of procedures which must be implemented in providing medical, mental, and dental care for every inmate: 

  • Referral for dental, mental, and medical services
  • Regularly scheduled sick calls
  • Long-term convalescent care required for disabled inmates  
  • Gynecological an obstetrical care
  • Distribution, control, and secured storage of over-the-counter medications
  • Inmates have the right to refuse healthcare
  • Examinations, treatments, and other procedures must be performed in a dignified and reasonable manner and location
  • Access to health care must be provided 24 hours per day, whether in person or through a telehealth service
  • The jail staff must be trained to identify when a pregnant inmate is in labor in order to provide that inmate with access to appropriate care
  • Distribution, control, secured storage, inventory, and disposal of needles, syringes, prescriptions, and hazardous waste containers                                                        

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