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Dallas, Texas Lawyer – A Spate of Custodial Deaths has One State Proposing Jail Reform – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, regarding the 36-year-old inmate that was previously referenced, details about his custodial death were hidden for nine months. An internal affairs investigation ultimately exposed disturbing details of what allegedly happened.

The man was booked into the county jail in the state outside of Texas. A video taken inside the jail reveals events that occurred on the night of his death, though the video has no sound. An overview of what happened during the man’s incarceration follows:

After being booked into the jail, the inmate was taken to the Infirmary for detoxification monitoring. Medicine was prescribed for the man to treat symptoms of nausea after the inmate informed the staff that he had used cocaine within the previous 72 hours. Deputies at the jail returned the inmate to the general population three days later.

Four days after being admitted into the jail, the inmate suffered severe abdominal pain. Medical staff, deputies, and fellow inmates all noticed that the inmate appeared to be ill.  

See Part 1 and this continuing series to learn more about details of this custodial death plus more information about other deaths at the jail.

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