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Lawyer for Texas – A Spate of Custodial Deaths has One State Proposing Jail Reform – Part 8

An autopsy was done on the inmate who claimed to have a severe problem with an ulcer, and the medical examiner for that county ruled that the death occurred due to natural causes, and the cause of death was a perforated gastric ulcer. The man had no illicit drugs in his blood system, lab tests revealed.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Department, which is responsible for jail operations, conducted an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of the inmate. He found that no one violated a jail policy or committed a crime in connection with his death, and no disciplinary actions were taken on any employees.

As a result of investigative reporting, the medical company found out about the inmate’s death and conducted a thorough review. The company ultimately issued a statement saying that the nursing staff failed to provide the proper level of medical care to the inmate.

The family of the inmate believes that the death of their loved one was a crime, as his continuous begging for medical help was ignored.

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