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A Settlement in a Federal Lawsuit is to be Discussed Regarding the Alleged Rape of a Female Prisoner at Muskogee County Jail, Oklahoma

Muskogee County Courthouse scaled
Muskogee County Courthouse, Muskogee, Oklahoma (Photo: Labeled for reuse)

In June 2015, a woman alleges that she was the victim of forcible rape and sexual battery at the hands of a jailer with Muskogee County Jail in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The person accused pled guilty to second-degree rape on September 27, 2016. A civil rights lawsuit was also filed, and a conference is scheduled for April 17, 2018, in which a settlement will be discussed and could potentially be reached.

Court records show that the former prisoner seeks damages for emotional distress; severe, ongoing, and severe mental anguish; and pain and suffering. She says that during the time she was locked up during pretrial detention, the jailer took her into a medical unit to an area allegedly known not to have any type of video or audio surveillance. She alleges in the federal lawsuit that the jailer first groped and kissed her and then moved her into a dark examination room where he forcibly raped her for approximately 10 minutes and then told her to clean up and shut up. The woman also alleges that two days later in the women’s pod, after lights were turned out for the night, he rubbed her body in a sexual way as she slept.

The woman has also named two law enforcement officials as defendants, saying they should have known that the jailer who sexually assaulted her was a felon. Also, she claims officials failed to establish, enforce, and implement a system that ensures safety for female prisoners. She alleges that they are indifferent to the women’s safety.

One of the commissioners involved with the settlement said the body of commissioners hopes to reach a settlement at the April 17 conference.

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