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Are Inmates in Texas Protected from Medical Neglect?-Pt.13

DM County Jail

Noncompliance with the Rule About the Distribution of Prescriptions Continued

County jails are required to document information pertaining to the distribution of prescriptions. This is under Rule §273.2~Health Services Plan, Part 7:

  • Provide procedures for the distribution of prescriptions in accordance with written instructions from a physician by an appropriate person designated by the sheriff/operator.

Following a jail inspection report dated August 29-31, 2022, and addressed to Gregg County Jail the above rule was the only area in which the jail was cited for noncompliance. The address of the jail is 101 W Whaley St, Longview, TX 75601. The notes from the Texas Commission on Jail Standard’s inspector follow:

  • During a review of the Medication Administration Records, it was discovered that the records failed to show that medications are distributed in accordance with written instructions from a physician.

There are many different medications that are necessary for individuals if they are going to maintain their health. If monitoring of the distribution of prescription medications is ignored, there is no way to verify that inmates are receiving their prescribed medicines.

After a custodial death has occurred, these records are checked in order to discover whether the jail has upheld minimum jail standards. There is sometimes a direct correlation between an oversight at the jail and the cause of death per the Medical Examiner’s Office. These occasions are often considered evidence of medical neglect of inmates.

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Helping inmates now or previously detained in a municipal or county jail in Texas is one of the purposes of this website. There is never any intention of suggesting that any individual or organization was engaged in misdeeds.

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