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Are Inmates in Texas Protected from Medical Neglect?-Pt.18

DM County Jail

Ector County Jail is Cited for Noncompliance After a Custodial Death Continued

A 55-year-old inmate at Ector County Jail was the person mentioned in the special jail inspection report mentioned in the last segment. The following are tragic details from the summary of how the death occurred found in the custodial death report.

•        After going through intake at Ector County Jail, the inmate was placed in a single occupancy cell (2348). On October 2, 2022, he was alone in his cell with the door closed. He was observed via video cameras to be laying down. He got up from his bunk and walked to the metal mesh see-through bars portion of the cell. He covered it with the sheet to his bedding, which blocked visual view from other inmates. He tied the corners of the sheet from end to end of the mesh wall.

•        After tying up the sheet, he wrapped a second sheet around his neck and tied it to the mesh wall. He began to choke himself while standing against the wall. After a few seconds, the inmate lost consciousness and went limp. He began to hang.

•        The inmate was found a few hours later in his cell deceased. An active recording camera in the cell captured the entire incident.

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